Emilie Santos Tumale

Ph.D Candidate, Sociology of Education
New York University

Vice President, New York Chapter
Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro)

About Me

Emilie S. Tumale (she/her/hers) is a Ph.D Candidate in Sociology of Education at NYU Steinhardt and a community educator based in New York City. Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles county, she has been eager to learn more about the Asian American community in the New York Metropolitan area. With her involvement in various Filipino American organizations in NYC, Emilie is particularly interested in further understanding how Filipino American college students conceptualize their ethnic identity in relation to their geographic contexts.

Emilie received her MA in Asian American studies from UCLA, where she taught courses on the Asian American Movement and the History of Asian Americans. Before attending NYU, she worked as a peer mentor for community college students pursuing STEM degrees. She also received her BA in Asian American Studies (Pilipino Studies concentration) with a minor in Education at UCLA.

recipient of the 2020 Pinays Rising Scholarship

The Pinays Rising Scholarship was created to promote the continuation of higher education while excelling in the areas of arts and/or community service and activism. (More info)

as seen in the Asian Americans PBS Docuseries

This photo taken in the Asian American Studies Center during my MA program in 2015

In the docuseries, this photo was shown as an example of the legacy of the Asian American student movement over 50 years ago.